What is the Platform


In this introduction we will unveil a remarkable AI empowered platform designed to break data SILOs by sourcing, validating, aggregating and enriching data, which results in derived data products that can be used by any type of downstream system. The possibilities are boundless as we invite you to embark on this remarkable journey with us towards microservices and event driven architectures.

Getting Started

ESG data integration in under 5 minutes

In this 5 minutes walk through we will see how

  1. Can integration with an external ESG data provider via a rest service
  2. Specify data retention policies and PII classification and
  3. Create a data product that is configured to be send to 3 downstream systems (Email, Kafka and SFTP)

AI generated data product

In this walk through we will using the AI assistant

  1. To create ASX20 pricing by sourcing from
  2. asx20list.com/
  3. finance.yahoo.com and
  4. Automatically create data processors and cleansers

Multi feed sourcing and the AI assistant

In this walk through we will demonstrate

  1. Multi feed sourcing
  2. Validation and aggregation
  3. The creation of a derived data product and its distribution to a Kafka downstream system
  4. Finally we will get a sneak peek of our AI assistant